Senanye Bio Products


Shraddha Rai is a versatile 2 nd  generation entrepreneur. While she has had a successful career in metros,she took a leap of faith and set up her own business in rural India. The journey of an entrepreneur,especially so for a woman, is riddled with challenges; more so, if the venture is in a rural part of a developing country. A day in the business set-up is faced with additional challenges of remote markets,inadequate access to suppliers, lack of skilled labour, inadequate infrastructure and a culture that does not encourage entrepreneurship.

A mother of teen, the force behind Senanye Bio products is this charismatic character, who is truly multifaceted and is a culinary expert, a child counsellor, a vocal advocate and a staunch supporter of her fellow small businesses. There is much more to Shraddha than meets the eye. Her passion for eco-friendly solutions, concern for environment and achieving the best from the gift of nature, is second to none.

As an organization which cares for the environment, not only is the process of obtaining leaves from the Areca palm trees natural but also, the production process of areca products does not require added chemicals neither does it require cutting or harming of trees. A major part of the energy requirement is fulfilled by a solar plant set up in the factory premise. SBP undertakes several activities as part of its typical operations, which range from production & marketing of areca leaf plates, bowls & also creating awareness to the society about the benefits of embracing ecofriendly alternatives; the results have been very encouraging so far.